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"Robert, more than a little embarrassed at his reaction, took his glass and wriggled out of Laurie's grasp and got off the bed. As he emptied the wate...y drink into the sink and started to make a fresh one he said, "Listen, Jimmy...I'm sorry, but I've never...uhm, you know...done anything gay or anything..."Jimmy was trying not to laugh at his good friend (and great boss.) "No sweat, Bob. I know you're not gay...neither am I...but this whole night is just way too hot. Chill... enjoy it,. And besides, the walls in ourhouse aren't that thick - we know pretty much everything the two of youhave ever done in your rooms with various boyfriends and girlfriends." Headded with a grin. Both kids had the decency to blush at being caught outand Kim quickly changed the subject."OK, there's still more to tell though, like what happened when you gotback home, when you had to face your family and friends? You alluded toit a lot, was it as bad as you thought it would be?" Well the college. "Vonda sighed. "Yeah. He has good hands." His name is Ben. He's on his way up."Pyx sprang up from her seat. "Do you want us to dress, Master?" If I wanted you to dress, I would tell you, Slave."She stopped, and returned to the dinner table, but could not retake her seat. "I know. It's just, this'll be the first man to see me naked, besides you, Master." Well, get used to it. In two weeks, lots of people, both men and women, will see you naked."That seemed to calm her a little. "Yes. This'll be. Then the lad grunted and filled Lauren's cunt with his hot seed. At this her excitement grew and she gushed even more forcefully than before.As soon as he pulled out, one of the other lads slammed his cock into Lauren's soiled gash. He was almost as big as the first guy and my wife was still moaning, gushing all over the meaty tool.One of the other lads took off Lauren's top, revealing her huge tits, which the guys fondled while they wanked themselves. Lauren reached out to stroke two throbbing.

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