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The combination of the 2 cocks assaulting her pussy and ass along with the sensation of Justine's tongue pummeling her clit she exploded in an orgasm ...hat nearly dislodged her three lovers. Justine groaned at about the same time and began to grind her cunt into Samantha's mouth and thrusting tongue. The two men simultaneously began to shake, and their muscles rippled as their orgasms began to build. Furiously they pounded, their cocks grinding against each other and their balls bouncing as. She seemed a little timid. It was almost as if she was afraid of her sexuality, as if it was wrong to look and act sexy. All that had changed now. Her stay with Abdul and Jeff’s conquest of her had changed all that. She was a different woman; confident, assured and dominant. It made her even sexier but it also made him feel intimidated. Julie noticed him looking at her and asked what was wrong. Alistair shook his head. “Come on tell me,” she insisted. He told her his thoughts. Julie rushed. “Noooo sweetie I didn’t mean it that way. You know you rock my world! I just really want you to fuck me baby.” She moved around him and stood under the water. “Please will you fuck your wife?”He smiled down at her, still humping her fist. “What’s gotten into you Katie-Bug? You never talk like that!” While he talked she bent at the waist and captured the angry purple head of his cock between her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth, taking it all in one gulp. This new amazing sensation. Instead of the grandmotherly voice that I had grown to expect when returning ad call, Julie?s voice cheerfully and youthfully rang through our receiver. Excited at the prospect of interviewing someone under the age of sixty for the job, I asked her to meet me the very next day.Julie arrived promptly at 4:00 p.m. presenting a clean and professional appearance. We sat down and talked. In the course of the interview, I learned that she had just turned twenty and was taking classes at the local.

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