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I suckled that nub feeling Rita quiver as I did so. I made love to her with my mouth, my initial hesitations vanishing as I began to enjoy the experie...ce of giving pleasure this way. Rita was my teacher, gently guiding me with her hands, telling me in low whispers what she wanted me to do. I became lost in the beauty of her cunt, loving the scent, the taste and the feel of it against my lips. I felt her body shake as her hips rose from the bed and her fingers gripped tightly in my hair. Her. I lay down on the bed at her suggestion and she pulled a bottle of lube out of a drawer. She was next to me so that she was face on to me and applied some lube to my cock. It was cold and I twitched. She laughed and said it would warm up quickly. She then took hold of my almost erect dick and started to massage it slowly with her hand. The feeling was incredible. My gaze was fixed on her chest until I looked up and our eyes met. I asked her to remove her bra and she agreed. She undid her bra. They had removed my blindfold so I could see once my eyes had adjusted to the light and as I looked round the room I could see a couple of cameras set up and I could see they had both been through my sister pantie drawers and thats when I finally got the chance to see who the 2nd guy was and I was shocked to see it was my old school teacher who I had spent so many years in his class with. He was now in his early 60's and still looking great for his age and so was his big 8 inch cock.He saw the. "Frankie did as he was told and as he turned about the dress swishedaround his thighs with a whisper of nylon on nylon. Frankie caught afleeting glance in the dresser mirror of a young woman with a bouncingponytail and a flash of red and white ribbon, bare shoulders, a bustline and a full flare skirt.He felt his mother's sure hands tug at the open zipper just below thewaist of the dress and pull it closed. As she did so, the dress seemedto mold him, flaring over his behind, nipping his waist,.

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