I say peculiar because I felt more open than normal. “Oh, Oscar, oh my god,” was all I could say as I clutched the pillows on the bed. "Oscar, try...a second finger," I pleaded wantonly.He started to edge a second finger inside my dilated pussy. His second finger hurt slightly, and stretched me open. I felt very full. “Do you like this? Do you like what I am doing to you?” Oscar asked as his index and middle fingers slowly entered my expanding vaginal opening.“Oh god, Oscar, I am so full. You. I started driving home, and that’s when my life changed. The drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into the passenger side of my car, pushing us off the road. My phone was instantly in my hand and speed dialed Ash. I looked over and saw the gash on Joc’s head. Before I passed out I was able to eke out, “Madison Road. Help.” The rescue was blurry for me. I kept fading in and out of consciousness. My memories are all fuzzy, but I think I remember Ash crying over the two of us, and ambulance. “As little as possible, darling! But some folk go to incredible lengths to make ‘nothing’ look alluring!”“How d’you mean?”“Well… say a woman has cute pert tits, with a nice all-over tan. She’ll maybe wrap them up in gold glitter string and decorate her nipples with silver lipstick. And just wait until Friday night if you wanna see some intricate male codpieces! There’s a jeroboam of champagne for the winner.”“Well, now you’re talking!” Mark’s eyes lit up at the thought of free champagne.“Hey,. “Aaahhh is tarah to teri didi ne bhi nahi chusa aaj tak”Jiju mera muh aage peeche chala rahe the unka ling aur mota hota ja raha tha. Mera muh dukhne laga tha aur saans lene mein pareshani ho rahi thi. Tabhi achanak jiju ne mera sar peeche kar diya aur apna mobile nikal kar meri pic li.Mera muh apne hi saliva se bhara hua tha. Pic lene ke baad unhone meri gardan unchi ki aur muh kholne ko kaha.Meine muh khola to unhone dher saara thook mere muh thooka jise mein andar gatak gayi. Dubara se.

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