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Instantly, a bout of pain wracked her body, as though the vision she was seeing had become a reality. Her mind went into a tailspin and Shazza cried o...t, wailing and screaming for the pain to stop. She clutched herself as she shook violently, almost like she was having a seizure. Tears leaked down the woman’s cheeks as she wailed in pain.“Captain Tomisic, come in please!” Korsa called out. Moments later, she received her response.“What is Doctor?” Alex asked, as a hologram of him materialized. “You already have a boyfriend. How can you wait for me when you’re already taken? Hey, I’ll go and maybe mom will get me out before term is over?” I said. That definitely wasn’t the case. By the time I got out of boarding school, I had just turned 16. Three fucking years! Mom elected for me to stay there for summers as well, so I never got to go home. Mom’s driver came to get me from the airport, and I had to get his attention because he didn’t know how different I looked. I was now. For the rest of the day, and night, I would follow Ben’s orders. I had to. It was how I showed him respect. On the other hand, I wanted Juan touching me like I wanted an IRS audit. Juan had now moved to face me, and I finally made the decision to honor Ben, and speak more openly. I explained about being Ben’s submissive, and about what the necklace represented. Not the whole story, just about it being my collar, and how Ben used it to control me. Juan listened, or maybe half-listened, I. ”“I have drawers full of them,” Mollie replied, “It’s about the only sensual gift my husband ever gives me.”Once Misty had removed Mollie’s moist undies, she moved her face between her legs, eager to taste her. Mollie’s pussy was not shaved nor really hairy, just basically trimmed. Misty buried her head between Mollie’s legs, adjusting her own knees beneath her to get better leverage to begin licking Mollie’s pussy. Mollie’s natural scent seemed to be caught in her pubic hair, the musty,.

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