He kissed and licked it for a while. I said we will go the bedroom. I took my t shirt and went down to the bed room while shyam followed me.As soon as...we entered the bedroom shyam pushed me to the bed and kissed me for again 10 mins. This time while kissing he bit my lips and sucking my lips one by one.Then he made me to lie in bed and removed my bra and my skirt. I was lying with my panty alone in front of him. He too removed his dress and stood nude in front of me. His cock is around 6.5’’. After I few minutes I heard a child crying outside I became concerned and came out of the pool they cries were getting louder I quickly wrapped a towel below and with my wet top went outside it was a poor little boy who was crying he said I m a orphan my parents are no more and my uncle has kicked me out of the house I became worried and called my husband he told me we must help the child I took him inside calmed him he was dirty so I took him to the bathroom and removed his clothes and I also. ? I tip toed backto the front door, and unlocked it. I also turned over the closed sign to open.The store was nearly pitch black. The light coming from the room in the back throughthe canvas curtain was all that could be seen in the dark room. I hurried back, knowing that I had to be in place beforeanyone could enter. So I quickly stripped to my bra and panties. Tied my feetto the center bolt. I decided I wanted my feet together for more humiliation asmy panties were slid down by the. Dons eyes really lit up when he seen my pretty wife in that skimpy outfit. He had a tight suit on and you could see his big cock getting hard as he looked at Carolyn. When we got down to the pool, it was diserted as usually. I layed down on a lounge chair and Don and Carolyn started fooling around. He said Charlie do you care if I throw this mouthy bitch into the pool to teach her a lesson? I said, go for it Don. Suddenly he picked her up and held her over the deep part of the pool. Carolyn was.

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