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My heart started beating I walked over to them. he said hello and said your wife is sexy I was just having a little fun when she walked up... do you mind if she watches?I said no problem buddy, if your nice she may want to help, but I must stay here because she is my wife and I dont know you at all. He said thats fine he has no problem with me watching too.....her cheeks were a bit blushed now because he pulled away a towel and revieled his big throbbing cock. its was just a little. Everyone stepped or leaned in closer to see the bulge even better.Allie and Kristin both made a comment, asking how it felt."It is so hard. Thick. Wow! Thick!" Cassandra seemed awestruck.Kristin giggled knowingly, saying, "You should see it!"Cassandra's head spun to look at her. "Really? You wouldn't mind?"Kristin hadn't meant that as an offer to actually see her guy's dick, but she couldn't back down now. Besides, although she hadn't planned it, she didn't mind it, either. She kind of liked. She's scaring me. She's almost catatonic.I helped her into the tub. She has that dazed look on her face again. I'm a little worried because she hasn't said a word since we left the farm. Granted there was a cock in her mouth all the way back to town. But I can't help being more than a little concerned about her mental status.I gathered some candles and put on some soft music. I don't want this to look too much like a seduction. But I'm worried about her sanity and I figured we could both use a. Back in 1980 I was just an innocent girl of eighteen and my sexuality was just beginning to emerge, like most girls my age, no one had ever taken the time to explain anything about the feelings that were racing through my body. The only person I could talk to was my best friend Nancy, and we told each other everything! You could just about be sure that if Nancy was around, Valerie couldn't be far away!"Hey Val," Nancy whispered, "I found some of my dad's magazines in the basement last night,.

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