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“I left my bag right inside the family room. Shall we move into there or would you like to keep the meeting in the kitchen to prevent more spills?�... I said jokingly.He laughed and followed me to the family room. I bent over to grab the bag sitting on the floor and tripped just a little on the carpet. I squealed as my ankle twisted. Jack quickly grabbed my hips to prevent me from falling over. There’s a sight-me fully bent over with my potential client standing behind me holding me by the hips.. It was almost like the slot that you put a silver dollar in. She began humming as I bent over and started probing with my tongue. I soon found her little love button and that rapidly increased the pleasure sounds that she made. It only took a few minutes to make her squirm and shake as she got off.Her opening was swollen and pink now, wet from my saliva and from something else that I tasted and would talk to her about later. I kissed my way up her belly and suckled her breasts before she. . and I ejaculated on my own stomach.He withdrew his dick, removed the condom, gave it a couple of strokes and – added his cum to mine on top of my stomach.Wow, that was absolutely wonderful. Now I have seen and experienced a man's climax, other than my own. I also learned, for the first time, that being fucked by someone else is so exciting that it can make me cum too.Yes, I was truly ignorant. The last time I saw somebody's erect dick cumming was when I was 14, in High School, when we boys. Looking at the clock as I ran the brush through my wavy, caramel hair, I figured I should eat something before sliding into the pool. Heading to the kitchen I peeked into the fridge, but didn’t see any decent leftovers. I quickly went to work on making some stir fry and rice. It turned out quite delicious. Cleaning up after myself, I headed out to our pool. The sun was high in the sky and the clear, cool water beckoned me. Tossing my towel onto the patio table, I went to the deep side of the.

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