I had ducked my chin in, so I wasn’t in any danger yet, and I still had the stronger friend in a solid head lock, so I used my free hand to swivel a...ound and grab hold of Trevor’s shoulder, pulling him to my side. I know almost had control of both men, when I felt something odd poking against my back. Jared had grown a bit of a stiffy, as was prodding parallel to my spine. This sensation drove my focus away just long enough for Trevor to pull back and lift, flipping me onto my back. He quickly. We were both hungry and desperate for each other as I sank to my knees to thrust my face into her mound. I lashed my tongue hard over her satin G string, pushing the material into the folds of her pussy lips, making Liz arch backwards in pleasure, grinding her mound tight to my face as her hands pushed my face hard against her.As I licked hard, I could see her juices start to penetrate the satin and I breathed in her scent, deep into my lungs as her pussy lit up to the attention it was being. I lower my head to my mistresses pussy and tease her outer lips while I lightly trace the alphabet on her clit. Her breathing starts to pick up as she trails her finger tips from my hips, to the sides of my thighs, and back up to my ass. She repeats this process as I continue to nibble and lick her outer lips. Her juices drenching her lips as I part them with my tongue and start lapping them up slowly, not penetrating her steamy hole yet. While I am enjoying my breakfast juice, I feel my. I sparked up a cigarette as she pulled her dress over her breasts and further up over her head, she wasn't wearing her bikini but a set of the sexiest underwear I had seen in years, my cock was rock hard now and although I tried I couldn't hide it from her gaze.I asked her if I should hold a towel for her as she changed into her bikini to give her some privicy but she just shook her head and said what bikini. She reached round behind her back and unclipped her bra freeing her huge breasts which.

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