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Two double burgers without the buns filled me up and I tried to think of what to say when I got home. I decided to say nothing.Storing all the gear in...my room, I spent some time with Barbara and Gail, but didn’t mention my adventure. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. Falling asleep on the couch, I didn’t wake up until mid-morning. The memories of my nightmare slipped from my mind like grains of sand through a sieve, but they involved Ara. Someone was banging on the metal storm door.. It feels so weird not having a penis," Isaid. They all giggled."Go onnnn.." said Britney."Just.. everything feels so different. I'm not used to having boobs, I'mnot used to wearing tight clothes, having long hair, wearing heels,earrings, looking and feeling smelling pretty," I said trying to get asmuch as I could out in a single sentence."Awww, he feels pretty. So, are you thinking any differently?" sheasked."What do you mean?" I asked."I mean.. do you notice your thought process is any. "“wow I wasn't expectin' this from you" "the only thing I expect is for us to be on this bed butt naked with you on all fours gettin worked over by me Jazmin" okay well where you want me? i told you i ain’t got no man” she said"you got a man’s dick hard though, well enough talkin, just take that bra off and bend that ass over for me so I can do my dirty work up in you"After I took off my underwear and my shorts Jazmin got on all fours on the bed and i slid my dick in between her fat black pussy. When they?d gotten back down to theliving room, Donnie grabbed Stu?s burgundy pullover in a small fist. ??I am so sick of your bitching. You knowgoddamn well that you?d die if I gave you your keys back. You want them?? Donnie reached into his jeans andpulled out the chastity keys. ?You want these keys?so you can jerk off and putthe thing back on and take it off? Take them!? Donnie held the keys out, andStuart reached for them, but then dropped his hand. ??I-I just??What was wrong with him?.

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