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Unhone mera haath pakad rkha tha aur hum dheere dheere chal rhe the.Phir vo aage jaake thak gayi toh humne rest kiya ek paththar pe baith ke. Phir vo ...olti hai ki Ritiesh ab mujhse chala nahi jaayega toh maine phatak se bol diya ki mai utha leta hu ma’am toh unhone bola nahi nahi aise kaise mai tumahri ma’am hu toh maine bola ki abhi aap thaki hui hai th abhi bas mai madad kr rha hu aapki. Toh vo boli ki agar college wala koi dekh lega toh problem ho jaayegi, toh maine bola ki sab log kam se ka. She bent over and retrieved the empty syringe and then popped the hood and removed the vise grips from the fuel line allowing gas to flow again. Sam climbed back into her car and started it. Amy climbed into the driver's seat of Bills car."See you at the factory," she said and pulled away with Sam following close behind.Bill's eyes blinked open and he looked around. He was tied to some type of table and the only thing he could move was his head."So, you have joined the living again," Amy said. As we watched him, marvelling over the downfall of man, some creature in a very filthy habit wordlessly stuck a tin plate with an evil-looking gruel in his hands. He did not even look up but started to grovel with his fingers, stuffing his mouth faster than he could chew and swallow. Scratch one ersatz Nietzsche."Please, Alfred, we have seen enough of them. Enough of everybody. It makes me sick. Will you guys believe me when I say that I am glad that at least the woman might just make it. Catching on to the game, I tell her I want to fuck her. She rest her right hand on my cheek and pulls me in for a lascivious lip lock. Her pastel pink pillows reach my lips and my body tenses. They taste like Colgate mint toothpaste. I reach down to her back and pull her closer. She groans and wraps her arms around me so her naked nipples press against my ribs. The scent of her hair makes my head spin in a whirlwind of strawberries and pomegranate. Her tongue probes my mouth as if frantically.

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