First Person‘How did I get here’ you think to yourself unable to even twitch a finger or wiggle a single toe. Your eyes fill heavy and you want to...just close them and drift off into a deep sleep, but something inside you screams at you to keep them open. You think about calling for help, but decide maybe it’s best if you don’t since you haven’t the slightest idea how you ended up like this maybe it was best to stay silent until you know for sure you’re safe.Unable to move or even call out for. As with our other sites the gun safe would be in the director's office and there was to be a secure room for the servers we were going to use. Keeping them the same made our ability to swap personal between sites in a emergency much easier.The final task was to set up a meeting with Joe and Robert Bradberry to install the security equipment. It was a three way call ending with the time and dates written in stone.With the contracts in my briefcase, Mark and I returned the car to the MAAR. Mystud had certainly fucked the other sissy, making her a sister. Shelooked really happy, a bliss smile on her face.We started making out, our tongues jousting. She took the opportunity tolick some of the cum I still had on my face, and then she gave some tome. I loved this salty taste. It gave me some chills, the sensation ofthe white fluid in my mouth almost overwhelming. I gulped every drop shegave me, like a junkie. I needed more!We were on our back, our bare pussy, trimmed, exposed to the. I mean, I felt a tingling between my legs and my mind began to remember yesterday and all the pleasure I received. I caught myself before it was too late and flung the sheets off of me to get up. It was one thing to be forced to be the company whore, but I sure as hell was not going lay there and masturbate because for a moment it turned me on. After a quick shower and putting my makeup on, it was time to choose what to wear or, actually, what little to wear. I picked a pair of white.

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