You been fuckin' him for the last four months, every Tuesday and Friday. Did you really think I was that stupid not to notice?" Her world collapsing, ...oleen asked desperately, "Does your father... ?" No, only me," he lied.Actually it had been his father who, knowing how the boy felt about his mother and especially how Coleen felt about incest, had suggested this plan to Lamar, and it had also been Jamal who had helped his son sneak into the Denton''s home and hide the palm corder last. Ab kya bolu tume..Bas chahti hi nahi hai…mujhe satisfy v karti hai…wo meri ban chuki hai yaar…. Hahahah mast hai yaar wo to…sach me…..Agar prove chahiye to kaal evening me ajao.. Live demo dikha dunga” aur bolke hasne lage to maine uska shirt ka coller pakda aur kaha yasb ghatiya baat mat karo mere priya k bareme..I will kill you…bastard” then wo bole “abe sale natak mat kar teri biwi ka asli roop dekhna hai to kaal mil…aur use tere samne………….” maine kaha bas aur mat kaho..I wil go and see but. She leaned forward then, smiling, and kissed me fully on the lips. I felt a little repulsed at tasting my own cum on them. "God, that was good!" she purred, looking squarely into my eyes. "I haven't had a load like that for a long, long time." Mom, I ... " Get that mess in the sink cleaned up," she interrupted me, "then come downstairs. I'll cook you some breakfast." She gave my cock one last squeeze and slipped through the bathroom door as quietly as she had come in.I sagged against the sink. He was not to know that the older woman was frantically seeking an interested man to take care of her daughter for although it wasn’t obvious her daughter did have a slight disability that turned men away. “No madam I’m in no hurry and yes I would be delighted to join you”, he replied as he sat next to the younger of the women. “My name is Rex”, he said. “I am May and my daughter is Julie”, the older woman replied. “This is our first visit here”, the daughter said with a giggle.“Where do you.

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