She took out her trade mark cane and started hitting on my legs around my thighs and ass. As I was wearing only a shorts I got hit very badly.Next day...was my day when we received midterm papers in school, she said shell give my papers in tuitions. I knew I was dead as I knew I would fail and was afraid I would get severely beat up. So I wore a very thick jeans and went to the tuitions thinking I would escape a bit. When I went there she was very angry and was looking at all my papers. She. The transformation began when I changed my eating habits and joined a local health club where I worked out routinely during an extended lunch hour three to four times a week. I was beginning to reap the rewards of my commitment and hard work. I actually enjoyed stepping naked onto the scale to weigh myself in the men’s locker room. I also relished secret glances of other naked guys who stepped onto that same scale, watching them as they soaped and toweled their naked bodies in the showers. This. Shaheen would be alone, as her husband was in a multi national company and a frequent traveler, my mother would ask me to go and help her, sometimes I would also stay over. I was always excited about going over there, as I always had secretly lusted for her. Once, she asked my mom to let me stay over as she was alone, I went to her home, she greeted me at the door, led me to the living room, I sat on the sofa. She went to the kitchen and returned with a beer and two glasses, as she bent to put. Then I removed her t. And skirt.Now the pretty angel is with red panty and bra before me. She kissed me again and removed my shirt and pants. Then I kissed the nipple over her bra and took her to the bed room. There I removed her inner wear in no time and she too removed my under wear.Now we r like 2 naked babies in the bed exploring each others body. I kissed her neck and slowly kissed her boob. Which is fair and the nipples r hard. She moaned”ahhh bite pls. Suck my milk out”then after half an.

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