I have combined each other’s fantasy and this story is dedicated to my friend rithi and the authenticity of this is only known to me and rithi and f...r the users to decide. Here we go..We decided to meet for the first time after 2 months of chatting online. Her parents are working and were quite conservative and didn’t let her out too often. Her parents had gone out of station for a couple of days and she invited me to her home one wednesday afternoon. Describing rithi, she was epitome of beauty. I answered, “I think when it comes to that all are pretty and inviting. She had now crossed her legs and her foot rubbed my leg when she asked if I thought her somewhat modest bust was attractive. “Of course it is,” I said. She smiled like never before and patted my leg and promised I would see hers someday. When asked if she dated any since becoming widowed she answered, “I've been asked out a couple times, but I don't need that and I don't want a man to get sick on me again...less. "There are people all over the world who don't have sex, and it doesn't drive them insane." Yeah, but they probably don't know what they're missing," she said.I admit that made me feel good, but I was trying to talk her down so she wouldn't have a conniption fit."Look, to be perfectly honest about it, things happened so fast last night that I don't remember a lot of it." She looked insulted, but I went on. "It was wonderful. The point is that if you try not to think about it, maybe the memory. How does that feel she asked? I don't know I said , I feel strange. She leaned back and pulled her legs up onto the bed and spread her legs. Her nighty raised and right in front of me was her shaved pussy. The hole was slightly open. She ran a finger up and down the slit and stuck in her mouth. Yummy she said, my pussy taste like it needs a thight nigger cock shoved up it. She said I want my cunt stretch tightly around a thick black cock until it comes inside me. I had never heard her talk like.

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