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After a while Hannah left, saying that she had a yoga class she was taking Saturday mornings, and left Christi in her new home. Anders stayed to talk ...nd make sure she had everything she needed. It struck Christi that he had to be one of the nicest guys she knew, but he was terribly shy and awkward with her, and she knew he didn’t have a girlfriend. He was the kind who got close to every girl as a friend and then wound up permanently stuck in the friend zone. And she realized that she owed him. Unless you don't have the guts to have fun. " That last cutting comment was delivered with a sneer. In a lighter tone, Cheryl begged Brenda to not spoil their fun, "C'mon, we'll just take a peek." The challenge to her courage and the implied guilt-trip pushed Brenda over the edge of her normal, sensible behaviour. " Okay, but just a quick look and then we really have to go and get our clothes back."Wanda smiled as she opened the door and led the way. Down the creaking stairs into the dimly lit. The open floor plan made the kitchen and living room area feel large and comfortable instead of the cramped basement suite she was living in before she moved. Exposed brick covered one wall of the living room and another one of the walls curved out onto a balcony. The curved wall was made from floor to ceiling windows and natural light constantly coated the room during the day. Light green paint coated the other walls and her kitchen had wood cabinets made of light maple wood. The light grey. What sensation was he to concentrate on? The probing tongue that electrified his asshole, the warm mouth milking his hungry rod, the soft, sexy lips that were now fastened to his and engaging him in the horniest kiss he had ever known or those hands that roamed everywhere, touched everything and turned him on so bad that for a moment he thought he might actually die of ecstasy? These three stocky studs certainly knew how to please a young man like Phil but they were experienced enough to read.

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