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"Well, how do you like it? I thought I better wear it before I start getting too big for anything but stretch pants."Good lord, I thought, one of my s...cks had more material in it than that bikini she had on. What was standing before me had to be one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen in my thirty some years."Well, do you like it? I am going to lay out today and I bought it just for you. Jon, will you please say something?" Are you sure that thing is legal? I mean, it's nice and you look. ) “But as I feared your old disrespectful habits seem to be stubborn ones.” She then looked down on his cock which, to her amusement, was in a half-mast state, not completely flaccid, but it wasn’t a full blown erection either. She thought to herself, That seems appropriate. Still looking at his cock, she places the hairbrush on the couch, “Let’s not take a risk by having you dirty up my skirt with any of your nasty slime, shall we.” She unzips her skirt and shimmies out of it, placing it at. I look up and see Lisa walking over to me and stand over my face. She rubs her hand up and down her pussy. She starts lowering herself down on to the dildo. She slides all the way down. She looks in to my eyes and tells me, ”You are fucking me now. You better satisfy me, if not, I will whip your cock and balls.” Every time you slide down the dildo I smell your pussy juices. It drives me crazy. I would rather suck and lick your pussy. You reach down and start rubbing your clit. You start. "Go on" The teacher smiled. Staci re-positioned herself. Kat's nipples were already firm. She hesitated for a second, then took the right one into her mouth. Her lips pursed tightly around it, to Kat it seemed she was about to imitate a blowjob on it."Take in the skin around it to" She chided gently.Staci obeyed. Kat's nipple and areola disappeared into her mouth and reappeared as with a wet sort of noise. Staci kissed and sucked gently against just about every part of Kat's breasts she could.

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