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Once I was arranged sitting on the lid of the toilet seat he stood and looked down at me. I made an effort not to look at the crotch that was inches my face. And failed. Yet again I blushed."Umm ok. Well. I umm there." I sighed and pointed out the door. "In my room, far closet is where I've placed some things yet to be packed. On the shelf folded is where I've put ... things. See if anything fits? I'll take a shower. There is a shower in the hallway to the right. If you need anything...". It was starting to feel sticky the air turned dense leaves were sticking to her body. She began to pant as the temperature increased.Her body was now being bathed in golden light as she continued, the heat increased, and she could see the flames in the distance through the trees.The path was getting tighter, forcing her down onto her knees to make it through to the flames she would need to crawl forward. She proceeded on her hands and knees, her hands sinking deep into the thick mud her legs. "She's not ready yet."Yes, I am," Kristina counters."You'll be more ready after I eat you again," I answer as I dive back into her delectable pussy.Flicking my tongue in every crevice of her labium, I devour her juices and tongue fuck her tight hole. She moans appreciatively as I push her legs in the air and ream her asshole."You're right," she pants, turning her face toward Alex, "that feels wonderful!" She squirms responsively as I slowly lick her perineum, that sensitive area between her. I let out a slight moan and a rush of warmth makes its way between my thighs. Without warning my beloved AC starts to make a clunking noise and dies. “Oh, for fuck sakes, really air conditioner. You’re freaking kidding me.” I roll my eyes and give it a few hopeless pounds on the top, like it’ll magically fix the problem. “It’s too stuffy in here tonight” I say to myself so I make my way to my 5th floor fire escape. “At least the air out here is cooler.” I say to myself in a soft monotone voice..

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