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Maine dhire dhire use apni bahon me kasna shuru kiya aur uske balon me haat ferte huve uske gale aur galon ko chumane laga wo behosh si hone lagi aur ...ehne lagi altamash ye tum kya kar rahe ho muz par nasha sa chha raha hai plzzz aisa mat karo me control nai kar paungi (yaha control bhu kaun karna chahta tha) mene usse chumate huve bahon me utha liya aur room ke andar le gaya waha ghaas par use ek phhol ki tarah rakha aur uske upar aakar uske hothon par kiss karne laga dhire dhire uske kurte ke. I swallow it all down making appreciative noises until I have every last drop.“Let’s go to bed” I suggest and we head to the bedroom. I consider playing with myself but decide that I’d rather wait for you to play with me you do it so well.We sleep for a while and I dream of things too twisted for the Lush story site. When I wake up you’re looking at me, you have a smile, one that makes me ask “What?”“Nothing” you say stroking a strand of hair away from my eye.“Was I snoring? Dribbling? I ask. I’m your boy for the rest of my days ... forever, really.”“And we’re your girls ... both of your girls ... and both of us your girls. Isn’t English a funny language?” Monica teased us.“You’ve got me there. It’s bloody bollocks at times, especially given how different UK English and American English are from each other. Still, you have to admit that you like how I say the word ‘bottom,’ don’t you? That includes you, darling Monica, doesn’t it, love?” Chelsea answered, even as Monica’s hand. Martha glared angrily across the desk "You sold my soul." The older woman's reply stunned her "He offered one hundred thousand American for you, think of the good works we can do with that money, one hundred thousand, can you not do this for us, for the poor." No never" Martha shouted.The Mother Superior scolded her "Then you are a selfish girl, putting yourself first and above others, you have no place here."The implications sank in to Martha, she rallied her thoughts. "Make it two fifty.

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