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Chili thought he now knew where Benny’s extra weight had come from. Grace’s body was fine and she was putting away the beers pretty well herself. ...he sun was going down and there was a lull in the conversation.“Wanna get buzzed?” Benny asked. He looked at Chili and then at Grace.“I don’t know,” Chili said. “I haven’t done that shit since college.”“Ah, come on, for old times’ sake. Grace, should we show Chili the Vapor Room?”“Uh, I don’t know, Benny. Don’t you have to go to work early in the. I imagined the sound of his voice as he came in my mouth. I was sure I was soaking my panties."I want you so bad," I whispered to myself. I felt my nipples pressing hard against my lacy bra. I looked again at the clock and then back at the mirror. I closed my eyes and slipped a hand down the front of my dress. I loved the sensation of the thin glove over my soft skin. I found my hard nipple and pulled gently on it. Suddenly I noticed Marie's voice had gone silent. I expected Dave had worked his. “Fuck me raw.”He slammed in and out of her, his cock driving deeply inside her with each thrust. Her cries of pleasure were audible even through the door. The voyeur felt himself stiffening again. Wanting, but unsure exactly what he wanted, the young man's cock driven deep into his own ass or the deliciousness of Clarissa's pussy wrapped around his dick. Both, he wanted both.Clarissa was coming, her body moving back against her lover. The night clerk tensed, pumping his come into Clarissa, then. I circle and circle until your cock is throbbing – using my fingers to circle your balls running along the line to your ass and back – massaging that lovely sweet spot in between as I run my teeth along your swollen shaft. Moaning soooo much now as you tongue fuck me and suck my clit back and forth I am ready to soon cum again! I begin to swallow your entire cock as you thrust and fuck my throat – mmmmm – your fingers are deep in my pussy as your mouth sucks my clit tongue circling it – it is.

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