"So you're just over-sexed." Thoroughly." Hmm. The sooner I get on the pill the better." She thought for a moment and then in a little girl lisp and f...uttering her eyelashes added, "Pleath, Unca Gewwy, can we go into Pitthbuwy on the way and get thome of thothe thingieth to put on your willy?" Yes, little girl, if you're a good girl and help me put them on."She pealed with laughter. "You're a very wicked uncle," she spluttered."Oh I am. I am but I've got a naughty little niece." I'm bigger than. She pointed at her breasts.“These, it comes with being a girl, whereas being dim comes with being a boy.”“Ah, I see,” I said, deciding it was better not to get into that discussion.“So you need someone to find out.”“I could just ask her,” I pointed out.“You could, but could you be sure that she wasn’t just telling you what she thinks you want to hear?”“So you need someone who’s close to her to find out.”““There’s her Mum,” I suggested.“Whose side do you think she’d be on?”“Ultimately Cal’s, I. "The bile rose in Bridget's throat. With conscious effort, she forced it back down, "Are you talking about killing her?" And if I am, do you have a problem with that?" Victoria's gaze was locked with Bridget's."As a matter of fact, I do." Why?"Bridget couldn't believe the question, "Because I'm the one that got her into this, and I got her into this because we both thought she could help The Association. If she dies, it's my fault, and it's your fault too, for that matter!"Victoria stared at. .. are so aggravating to the male mind, I swear ... if it wasn't for breeding them we'd have hunted them to extinction a million years ago.Take mine.Two years ago, Mom decided I was the best thing in bed since crackers ... maybe even better ... I left wet spots not crumbs. I learned a lot ... I mean ... REALLY! Then I turned 16 and she decided she needed a husband. She needed a victim to sacrifice on the wedding altar. The unmarried men in Pentwater were unmarried for the best of reasons. In.

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