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Sweat poured from her body, making the vinyl surface of the lounger mattress wet and slippery. Nikki took advantage of her distraction to lower the he...d rest, and Cass, into the fully reclined position. Jaydon swung around, straddled Casss head and pressed her pussy to her new lovers mouth. Cass responded immediately, returning the favor, driving her tongue deep into the older girls vagina. Yes, baby, Jaydon moaned. Yeah, thats right! Suck my naughty little pussy! Make me cum with your tongue!. After about 30 mins of them talking they finally made their way back to the table and i introduced myself. He didn’t know we were related and we just told him we were friends. We joked and drank all night till 2 am and the bar was going to close soon. So she asked him if he wanted to come back to our place to play with us, but he gave a confused look and said ‘us?’ She told him i was bi and we like to both have fun but he didn’t really seem into it. She leaned over the table and whispered in. Except it was never right and there was always the ghost of Louise in the background, useful ammunition for her to throw at me whenever we had one of our innumerable arguments. Thinking back, I asked myself whether I ever really loved her or whether she was just an antidote to the memory of my first love. Watching her now as she walked confidently towards me I compared her to Kate. There was such a difference in the two women. Jessica was self-assured, cool and startlingly beautiful, whereas. Claudia added a light spray of perfume to her tits and under her skirt and Allison did the same.Dan was patiently waiting in the kitchen when they appeared, “Wow, oh wow, oh wow!” He exclaimed. “Don’t you two look like a hot, sexy, and slutty mother and daughter team? Yes, you two definitely look alike!”“Thank you, honey, flattery will get you everywhere with me especially right into bed!” Claudia came to him, her arms around his neck. They kissed as he inhaled her perfume. She guided his hand.

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