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The doctor was a lady, who was very sympathetic, she spoke first to all the three of us, Mom told her about me in her clothes and Dad told her about h...s disappoint that I never excelled in any sport.I was almost in tears again listening to them when I was left alone with the doctor.I looked down and the doctor offered me a paper tissue.She started saying to me that I was very beautiful and nice, and then she told me that I should have some blood tests with an endocrinologist and some more. The room was dark, lighted by candles. A Maitre 'd seated us and spread the napkins in each of our laps before asking for drink orders. Mike ordered a dry gin martini and another drink for me. When it came the ice creamy foam of it covered a lethal dose of alcohol. After three, we got our dinner order and stopped laughing for long enough to eat it. Wine with dinner prolonged the feeling of well being through the meal though the food dulled the high we had been on before. He paid the check. Fortunately, this pain lasted for only ten or so minutes. The van made another turn and then coasted to a halt on what she judged by the relative smoothness of the ride to be asphalt or concrete. The music ceased and the front door opened as the man got out of the car. The hatch-back of the van opened and she was once again thrown over the man’s shoulder, still wrapped in her blanket. The man walked quickly and firmly over the cement, then up a series of steps. He knocked on the door with. "I'd love to fuck a girl like that." I almost laughed at how he used his dick in his hand to point at the TV as he spoke."What, anal?" I asked."No, I've done that. I'm talking DP. Double penetration." He replied."Oh, right. Yeah, me too. I bet not many women would be up for that though." I dunno, I bet you'd be surprised."I did not know if he was joking or being serious. All I did know was now I was stroking myself as I imagined that was me and Pete up there on the screen fucking the hot.

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