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A chill overtakes you as you hope this doesn't anger Master.Imagine this man, your wife's lover, your Master, as he slowly, maddeningly slowly, his organ from deep within her. You stare in awe, wondering to yourself how different your life would've been if you had possessed such a cock. As he finally reveals the big mushroom head of it, a long thread of thick jism drips from the tip to pool with your wife's girl-juice on the sheet. Your wife collapses on the bed, whimpering, silently. Why though, she could not figure out. She was being treated like a piece of meat, strung up, tenderized, and put on display like a prize pig. And how could Steve treat the woman he loves like this? He was degrading her further with every strike to her pale flesh, but with every strike Ayla could see her mother getting more and more aroused. Finally Steve climbed up on to the bed and spread his lovers legs, revealing a hot, pink, wet, shaved pussy and her mothers eyes were begging him. Ayla knew. The twins were breathless as Grady removed Mona's bikini and bent his head to her fleshy, pouting breasts.The twins' breasts swelled in the confines of their suits as he started to suck the girl's jutting globes. They could feel a sudden ache deep in the pits of their bellies and an itch in their young, virginal pussies.Now the couple ground their flesh together and Grady kissed her lips with a savage, animal-like fury. The twins could almost feel the aura of sexuality reach them from the. He stared back until he realized that she wouldn’t relent as easily as he had expected.“How did you get away from the men following you?”“I took them to a crowded and well-occupied location as you suggested, only I picked one where the help we needed would already be on site.”“Such as?” asked Bobby with a skeptical expression on his face.“I led them to the airport. I knew that there would be a police presence there to deal with them.”“I’m surprised that the police at the airport would get.

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