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"Whew! Some fuck, MOM!"She returned his gaze coolly. "Danny, it's time we started treating that word with proper respect." Huh?" He stared."Fuck is a ...owerful word. ^It's short and pungent and earthy. It's sound sort of reaches down into a person's guts and makes them feel like what it means. It loses all that if it's used at the wrong times or with the wrong meaning. Understand?" I guess so." He shook his head slowly.Helen actuated the drain lever and rose to her feet. She reached across to. Lowell, drunkenly, semi-conscience, observed what was happening, knowing what was happening but unable to do anything about it. He sat there in a stupor, his mind not really focusing on what was happening, for he knew that this just couldn't be happening. He felt that this was only a dream, a dream he had often had about his beautiful, white wife having an interracial relationship. Lowell knew that secretly deep in his mind, even though he was a man of the cloth, he had desired to see his wife. I guess I just wasn’t in the zone. That put the pressure on for my next match. I had no time for remorse, as the next elimination round was at eleven and I was fighting for my life. This was another of the unseeded players who had lost in the first round, but had already fought back through his first elimination match. We were pretty even and I barely pulled out a victory in the last game.I was able to get a quick bite to eat and a clean uniform, but I wasn’t in the mood to socialize with. . fuck me babe... pound my tight wet cunt!" Julia called out in sexual lust, with her own body getting ready to explode.Sweat dripped down my body as I moved faster, pounding my thick hard cock deeper into Julia's tight cunt as it dripped her juices upon the carpet below. "I'm gonna cum!" I screamed out.With one, huge groan that erupted from deep down in my lungs, and with sexual pleasure burning inside of my body I cum. "UGHGHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed out as I offered one deep hard thrust forward..

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