The tip of her cock lands on my lips as I can’t believe my eyes. Breaking the silence, my girlfriend shouts, “Slide your hard cock in his mouth to...get it wet so you can fuck me with it!” With that Shayla slides her cock in between my lips and pushes it into my mouth. The feel of her head against my tongue is extremely erotic.My cock gets twice as hard and starts to pulse just by the thought of what is happening. Shayla pushes her cock deeper into my mouth, making sure I get it extra slobbery.. It was time to sit down at the dressing tableand make himself up. Though he hadn’t done so often, hehad had plenty of time to watch his mother as she put onher own make-up and so was fairly adept at doing sohimself. At the dressing table, sitting down on the satin pouffe,he started to put on foundation cream, smoothing it intohid soft skin. Then he slowly made up his eyes withmascara, eyeliner and eye shadow, delicately blendingblue, green, pink and a hint of gold. After that blusherswere. I giggled inside; ' Everyone saw that. ' I took the stern and Michael was up front as we left for the journey. Our life preservers were a bit cumbersome and we decided to ditch them once out of sight. We are both great swimmers,... in a shallow river. As I pulled mine off I grabbed my blouse a bit and my cleavage poured out like water. ' Oh whoops ' .... I called out,... Michaels eyes,...saw it all. His jaw dropped slightly but quickly retained as I looked his way. 'Sorry honey',... I. Zax frowned, but Carl already launched himself on the beasts and attracted all seven. "Mindless souls". Carl murmured. Rather than being attract to him, some of the seven jumped each other and began to fight. The same was with the five humans."One Mist Master and four Mist Lords". Zax stared at the five. "Why they chased if they are gonna fight each other?" The Mist Master looked like a young man. He was being torn apart by a female Mist Lord while the other three, another female and two men,.

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