She had a habit of vanishing as quickly and inexplicably as she appeared. When my hands met her back however, she stayed with me. We remained in the s...all like that for a while, just holding each other as the hot water washed over us. Her just being there with me was soothing. My mind felt at ease and my whole body was relaxed. When she was with me I felt all my insecurities and troubles melt away. I was a thousand miles from my lectures and textbooks, right now it was just me and her.Her hand. I knew it wasn't though when I looked at the gilt card she had pressed into my hand before I left. It had only her name and her private telephone number.I must have picked up and set down the phone 10 times before I finally called the number. Just the sound of her "Hello" set me off again. She said her husband would see me the next night and to come to the townhouse at 7 and the garage would be open for me.I left the office the next afternoon and went over to the Billy Goat. I was going to need. “OH FUCK! your good.” Lynne cried out“Mom?” Lindsay said. She was standing in the doorway God knows how long.“Baby come here and sit in front of me,” Lynne said, and Lindsay, still naked, did as she was told and when she sat Lynne forced her face into Lindsay’s lap.“Oh, Mom, wh- what are you doing?” Lindsay gasped, in pleasure.Lynne, lifting her head, merely said, “Something I have been fighting since you began to develop into this gorgeous person, you see your grandmother and I were once. “Would you mind scanning this ticket for me, the counter scanner didn’t work.”The clerk, looked at me like I was a pain in the ass, but did scan my ticket. Whatever he was now reading on the screen had changed his demeanor, as he was actually smiling.“The counter scanner is actually working. The flashing colors means you have won a prize.”Great I thought, a free ticket!“And?”He handed me my ticket, a confirmation slip, and a pen. He also gave me what looked like a business card.“Sign your.

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