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"Bait for the ignorant. Throw those and enough current would go through every door relay in the installation to melt them in place. You'd never get ou... of here without a cutting torch and a lot of time. Oh, and the system would call home."I gave that panel the eye. "Would you lock the cabinet, please? No sense leaving a sabotage charge out in the open like that." He nodded, kind of thoughtful, and locked it back up. That was the last time I remember seeing the inside of that room.We went. I started licking up and down her lips, cleaning up all the juices. My tongue pushed between her ass cheeks, licking up all of her cum. “Yes, baby, I love it. Please make me cum again.”, she begged .I started in on her again. I wanted her to cum in my mouth again. This time, I wasn’t slow. My tongue flew over her clit as my fingers spread her lips. Her hips were off the bed pressing into my face. With no warning, again I sucked her clit between my lips. For the second time, Sarah exploded in. " she looked into my eyes, grinning, "but I heard the term 'ass-pirate' from Mom talkin' about one of Aunt Kim's friends, a guy, you know, and it occurred to me that guys might do that to each other. And that it might be pleasurable for both guys."She grinned. "And there's the internet." You didn't."Her head bobbed. "Curiosity. And the internet. And I saw some stuff that squicked me out. But I saw where that kind of thing isn't THAT unusual, even between a girl an' her guy." That heart-melting. She had already out of her gown and pushed my head between her thighs.But I didn’t know what to do and how to proceed. Widening her thighs she pushed my head in between and pressed with her hands. That automatically opened my mouth. She smelled fresh. Then I understood why she took bath before sleep. I started licking the lips of her vulva and she opened the slit further with her two fingers prompting me to completely insert my tongue deep in her.I increased speed in her already pussy as she.

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