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Sarita is nude and sucking cock of none other than Gautam.I got very angry,I push the door hard ,it opened,I enter into the room ,both gautam and sari...a who were totally nude,tried to hide themselves under blanket , as sarita knew that gautam is my bf and I get fucked by him, I shouted on my sister what the hell she is doing with gautam.Sarita appolizes said to me gautam had come to see you only, but you were not at home,I asked him to wait, we were chatting ,his talks and body made me hot I. "Oh no! don't tell me youfell for that!" Fall for wha-" And that's when it hit me, too. "That's it! That jerkJerry has finally gone too far. I want revenge." And we have just the thing," Maxine said as she held out two pink jars."Drink one of these and look in the mirror and you'll see a wonderfulsurprize. Go on. Try it out." Deciding I'd give it a shot, I took one ofthe containers and drank it. Then I went to the mirror."So what does this thing exactly do to you?" I asked. Just then, my. So, a little bigger than I in general and a little less hair. And actually, a pretty nice guy. He spoke well of his wife (whom I had not met) and was not in the habit of talking trash about women (at least not in my presence). I needed something to occupy myself in Cheryl's absence, so I fired up my laptop and lost myself in for a while. At 11 I shutdown the laptop and took a quick shower before crawling into bed with my latest John Sandford novel. I probably drifted off to sleep by about. I eased one hand round to the front and slowly worked my way up between her legs, which gradually parted for me. Her pussy was almost bare, I could just feel a hint of soft downy hair as I slid a finger between her legs.Then I pulled away from her and told her to lose the skirt as I stripped off as well, my cock springing out. Although she’d already seen it she still gasped at the size of it, sticking straight out in front of me. “On the bed babe.” “You’re not putting that thing in me” she said.

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