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” I saunter to the door to let the hotel service in to deliver our wine and strawberries. It is a woman. She saw my dark haired Viking and gave m... that “you lucky bitch” smile. I sign the receipt, tip her and send her on her way.I saunter back to the bed and looked at him quizzically, “I remember telling you to strip, did I not?” He nods his large head and removes the white footies exposing nice feet and then dropping his briefs. “Good.” I want that cock now. So without wasting time, I. The following Friday mom wrote that she met the two black men at then door in just her heels, thigh highs, shelf bra and big belly, me lol, she wrote both Sent crazy over her big white tits and belly, rubbing her belly while pinching and pulling her nipples, dad and John were in living room dad making drinks when mom walked the blk men into room, dad gave them drinks and one told mom why don't you start things off with sucking our dicks, said Harold told them you are a very good cocksucker. Mom. She needed to go get milk and bread. And batteries, she remembered. Pulling her bedroom door closed behind her, one of the girls must have heard and called out, "Hey, Elaine! Come here!" The voice came from Chelsea's room down the hall and Elaine followed it. Kendra and Chelsea were sorting through Chelsea's clothes, and Elaine stood in the doorway."We're deciding what we can wear for the rest of the week," Kendra said, eying Elaine up and down."We're doing Kendra's next. Do you want to help?". ’ I pause. ‘I’ve thought of that,’ he says quietly. ‘But I’m not sure what we can do about it. At some point, doesn’t she just have to accept me as I am?’ he asks, hoping I’ll reassure him. ‘Of course but it wouldn’t hurt if you had the deck stacked in your favor when that happens,’ I answer. ‘So the next level of Total Immersion Therapy…’ ‘TIT!’ he smiles. ‘Exactly!’ I say, reaching behind my neck and untying the top string of my bikini. ‘The next level of TIT…’ Lowering the top, I watch his.

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