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"I opened the door again, listened to the noises a last time and then pulled her outside into the hallway of our building. Once I had closed the door ...ehind us, she started to pull me along towards the door of the attic. Probably, because she wanted to get out of the hallway as quickly as she could.She opened the door, rushed inside and went for the wooden staircase leading up to the attic. I barely had time to close the door behind us when she did all of this.Although, once the door was. Her body shook with excitement and her wetness ran down my body. I held her close, caressing her hair.” Oh Jim…. I’m….. I’m so sorry.” Mom burst into tears and ran to the house.I picked up all of our things and headed to the house. It looked like a bad storm was brewing south of us, it would be here by nightfall. Storms down south could get pretty bad during the summer. I knew Mom would be getting upset soon, she hated them.I made my way into the kitchen, I hadn’t eaten anything all day. Mom. We had been there for about 6 months when John called us in to the living room ok girls he said you have been living here for 6 months now o god i thought hes going to kick us out now well i was so wrong .What im going to do is after 6 more months going to change my will so this house will be yours when im gone and plenty of money for you to live on as well .Wow i thought our own house thats great what with Rose being 6 months pregnant she will love that .So that night we had the best fuck we. ”“Here?” he whispered, unbelieving.“Up.” she prompted. Then “ Yessss there,” she sighed.He was amazed as his finger went into her. Then he felt her hand on his prick and his knees buckled. He had to let go of her to keep from falling down and they ended up on their knees, facing each other, the front of their bodies pressed together. He knew how to kiss, and he did that with her until he thought he’d suffocate. Her hand found him again, under the water and she stroked him until his penis let.

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