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However, when his 18th birthday came around at the beginning of his senior year of high school, he was finally able to take control of a vast fortune ...hat he inherited from his father who passed away when he was young. His father was the founder of a massive tech company worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Now, that vast wealth was all his.Brian decided to head downtown to put his fortune to good use at some of the local stores. While walking downtown, he spotted a cute and bashful girl that. The goose bumps on her skin faded, although her nipples were still hard, and she practically fell onto the huge fuzzy carpet on the floor in front of the fire.Nuzzling into the softness, Kristen fell almost immediately asleep.*************************************When she finally awoke, Kristen found that she was just as warm, but that she couldn't move. Her hands were above her head, and tilting her head back she saw that they seemed to be tied to something, a table perhaps? But she knew that. A floor-to-ceiling window, big pine dresser, and a double bed. I put my suit- cases up on the bed and we took clothing out and put it in the dresser and closet. As I turned away from the closet, I noticed Beth putting my Jockey shorts in the drawer. She was gently rubbing them, right across the front opening. Beth saw me looking and a light blush flowed across her face. "Boy, your clothes sure got wrinkled in the suitcase, didn't they," she said with an embarrassed laugh.After we got all the. Her lips were clear to see, the folds and glisten of her wetness beckoning my eyes to watch. Damn, I was staring. I looked up realising that maybe I was caught, and confirmed my fears when my own eyes met my moms. She raised her eyebrows.“Having fun there looking your mom up and down?” I was lost for words and felt the blood rush to my head, knowing that any second every pint in my body would fight to explode from my ears. The burning sensation of such a deep blush boiled the blood already.

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