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Vicky was careful not to go too deep at first, happily sawing half of her length in and out of his moist mouth as Christopher learned to accommodate h...r considerable girth.His lips smacked delightfully around her shaft as Vicky gripped his head tightly and began fucking his face in steady rhythm. Christopher found the smell and taste of her cock irresistible, sucking and slurping away with abandon.“Yeah... get that lipstick all over my cock like a good little whore!”As she began pushing deeper. Though no one couldtell under the suit, it didn't make the fact he was wearing purplepanties any less humiliating, nevermind that the words "Joker's Gal" wereemblazoned across the rear.Sighing, he finally moved the shade out of the way and walked forward.Underneath his makeup, his face was burning with shame as Harley let outa squeal of joy, while Joker wolf-whistled."Omigawd, Mockingbird!" Harley shrieked, rushing over and hugging himtightly. "You're so cute!" I'll say," Joker chuckled, eyeing. ", noises were keeping time with the smack of her body coming down on Todd's cock and the sheer image of it was driving me crazy. Worse than that, my cock was throbbing and erect again. As I was getting up out of bed to retreat to the living room in an attempt to put the whole situation out of my head and maybe get some sleep, the noises from the adjacent room quieted down. My curiosity stopped me halfway to the door.Turns out the brief pause was only so they could switch positions. I heard the. He’s already had a big gulp, and he takes another one.“Will you tell me what is cave?” Hugo asks out of the blue. “I hear you say but not know.”“It’s where you live, bud, I guess,” says Danny. “Lived.”Hugo looks puzzled, and I explain what a cave is. He shakes his head.“Not live cave,” he says. “Live house. Not so fine this, not so big, one room not many, but house.”This one takes really long, but finally it seems that Hugo’s people used some kind of mix of wood and dirt to build up thick.

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