We hadn't spoken since having sex the other day but my cock was doing all the thinking right now. I shot her a text. Me: hey, what are you up tonight?... second later...Beck: nothing, thinking about jumping in the shower now that the kids are in bed. What about you?Me: joining you in the shower ;)A few minutes passed and no response. I was starting to doubt my forward approach and praying our friendship wasn't falling apart because of the other night. A few more minutes passed and finally a. I verified the address she'd given me, told her she could expect the two hundred and fifty dollars to arrive within the hour and hung up without answering her question about trusting her.I took care of wiring the money before returning the next call. Mrs. Collingsworth told me to be at her house at eight-thirty the next morning because we had a full schedule ahead of us. "We'll drive the black car," she said, ending the call without inquiring about my Florida trip or warning me what would. That was hot, but not at all safe."We spent close to three hours visiting with the men at the hospital. The girls had a lot of Rays' team items that were neat giveaways. We felt grateful to be well and able to be out in the world by the time we left. I kept thinking of how close I had come to being either dead or in a hospital for life.We finished our day at the little restaurant on Pass-a-grille beach. Jeannie told me, "You know you made a lot of money today. I think the deal for the Men's. "Come with me to tell the others. Who is this with you?" These two ladies will be house sitting for you." Briana then introduced them.When Darby saw Briana with Estelle, he started to gloat but hesitated.Briana said, "Good evening. It turns out the power lines are too close back here so we are in the front yard. When you step out the front door, you will see the outline of a door, please walk directly toward it. This way no one will see you disappear." I don't understand," said Darby."Our.

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