”“Did you fuck him?” I rasped as Tanya ran her hand downmy shaft to caress my heavy balls.“No, I reminded him that I was marri...d,” she answered,lust filling her eyes. “But I did let him put his cockin my mouth.Oh, Jeff, he was fucking my mouth with that huge cock,and I was wishing you were there to fuck my cunt while Isucked him. I was so hot that I gave him the sluttiestblowjob, licking and sucking and slurping until heexploded in my mouth. I tried to. My pet had managed to tie herself to the bed, naked and had blindfolded herself. I stayed by the door, lightly laughing to myself. ‘Steven and Sally talked her into this no doubt’ I thought, shaking my head as I quietly walked up to her. When I was beside her, she still gave no indication she knew I was there, I leaned down and kissed he left nipple. She immediately squirmed at my touch and was giggling hysterically. “You done this for me my pet?” I said, gently pinching on the nipple I had. .I sucked even more and more her clit and continued finger fucking her harder and harder while also inserting another finger into her ass...After sucking all her juices, I looked into her eyes and it was as if she told me “Stick it in meee noww!!”... So I did...I started pumping and pumping in the missionary position...We were both moaning....going at it like crazy.....I was feeling her squirting again .. and again...and again...She was almost screaming at one point....We were both extremely. "He said "Don't worry about it Tommy. You don't have to go if you don't want to, besides it looks to me like you're getting pretty excited." I tore my eyes from his monster cock and looked down at myself seeing that I had a huge bulge in my shorts and it was getting bigger and bigger. I felt a little embarrassed when I realized that my cock had grown hard in just a few seconds and there was nothing I could do about it. I looked back up at him and saw a big smile on his face as he stood there.

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