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Thru ur dress i can c ur nipples get hard. Ill tease em...rolling em btween my index finger and thumb. Gently uLl moan. My other hand will replace urs.....gimme that tight wet pussy ull hear me say..both ur hands will grab the chair as ill start fucking ur pussy with 2fingers..first gently,cuz i want it to b wet enough for me. But after a min or so. Ull feel them fingers go faster and faster...while eventualy my handpalm is slapping against ur clit. I want ur cum all over my fingers,and on that. I blinked in surprise as Grace began unbuttoning her pants, pulling them down her slim legs. She was going to give Kurt her panties, I realized. Grace had a neatly trimmed, blonde bush and a nice ass I noticed as she threw her panties.Then the music stopped as all the boys stared at Grace's nudity and she suddenly flushed, realizing what she did and reached for her jeans with one hand, trying to cover her sex with the other hand."Wait," Kurt said. "Why don't you lovely ladies be our. Ada pavi nee kai pazhakam seivatharku naan etharku irukiren. Ennai vanthu sex seithu enjoy seivathai vitu vitu thaniyaaga kai pazhakam seigiraaiye da endru solinaal.Ila di ennal moodai thanga mudiya vilai, athanaal thaan kai pazham seithen. Ipozhuthu thaan enaku konjam tension kami aagi irukirathu endren. Sari unaku teansion ipo ilai en nilamaiyai konjam yosichu pathaya endru ketal? Enaku innum moodu erangamal thaan irukirathu da endru solinaal. Sari ipo ena seivathu endru keten?Nee un sunniyai. I wondered if she was warmed up enough down stairs to take Paul inside her without a little prep, but as she lifted herself up to suck my husband I saw that she was very ready. I guess what she had watched us do had stimulated her quite a bit. I could see she had been wet enough to get some of her juice on the back of her ankles while she was sitting. Paul was has hard as he gets, not rock hard- but a flexible hard, his cock staying bout ninety degrees from his body, when he walked with a hard.

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