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Come on."She led him to the south patio, the one with the high wall around it. There was only one entrance from the house. With the French doors close... no one could disturb them. Of course, Daddy was his study and didn't really care if Abby took a date to her room. He trusted her implicitly. But it was more exciting in the patio. And the grass felt wonderful under naked flesh."I feel funny out here," Perry said, looking around."Here, between the trees." Abby plopped down and arranged her dress. “Parking can be a nightmare let us leave your car here. Is that OK?”Although she asked the question, I knew this plan has already been decided and that was what was going to happen.We arrived at the restaurant and were shown to a lovely table that was tucked away from the other diners. It was an intimate setting, and a candle was lit. Julie ordered a bottle of wine and we both ordered our food. Conversation flowed easily. Julie made sure my wine glass did not run out until I had to say, “I am. As the boss became more ‘familiar’ with me this began to happen quite a bit. As I allowed it to happen it became more casual with him. Little touches became lingering ones, sexual innuendos became more frequent. There were quite a few times that he had a reason to be in my office or I found myself in his – just the 2 of us, with the door closed. He wasn’t a bad looking older guy, I’m a slut so I didn’t mind any of it. I encouraged most of it then allowed things to happen. The casual touches. I start to think about what you would do if you were here as I start cumming hard for the second time. I feel totally relaxed and somewhat satisfied but I wish it would have been you that had made me cum. I realize the shower has been running for a little while so I get in massaging my scalp as I shampoo it then wash my body with one of your favorite scents. I step out of the shower drying myself off then going into our closet and grabbing a tight low cut shirt and some jeans not really.

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