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So to check, last night when my mom was sleeping, I touched her chest and believe me, it’s so soft and good. I kept rubbing her breast and couldn’... stop.I kept squeezing harder and after few minutes she woke up and asked me what I was doing. Since the time my father died, I sleep beside her. So it was easy for me to grab it. I explained her with what the neighbor has said. So she asked me what the neighbor did. I told her that he touched me here, pointing at my thing. She was shocked and said,. John blushed. He couldnt help but be flattered. Did William really like him that much? It was a bit confusing, flustering, but at the same time&hellip,he felt a surge of emotion for his best friend. Before he knew it, he was getting his own erection. PBear evidently liked what he saw and heard. After a few more encouraging side comments he typed, Ok, now take off each others underwear. After both boys read it, they put their hands on each others underwear and tugged gently. Williams came off. It was a Saturday, and I awoke early and fixed breakfast for the two of us. I asked her what she wanted to do this day, and she surprised me by saying "I'd like to do something that we haven't done prior to now. I'd like to go swimming somewhere. More to the point, I'd like to go skinny dipping." "Skinny dipping?" I asked. "Why do you want to do that?" "Because it's something we've never done before. Isn't it you who said that we need to do something new and exciting? Well this fits the bill,. With one move, they were down and she stepped out of them. I smelled the rich aroma of her pussy. She was wet! Her little red dot was waiting to be caressed and I inserted one, then two and then three fingers in her hot pussy while I was licking her clit. When I looked up I saw that she was sniffing my soaking wet pants. I continued to lick her and shove my fingers deep into her until she grabbed my head and pushed my face deep into her triangle. Her knees gave in when she came and I had to.

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