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There were days when I took smoking breaks under trees and just watched her from a distance. Knowing how she must be a carefree, naughty rich girl. Ye...ling at her mom, barely being clothed. I really wanted to fuk her needless to say. I never got into technology, so I didn't have a nice phone to take videos or pics. And to this day, I kick myself because it was truly awesome to see her carry on her routine for months! I mean for that period of time for her to not even worry about being seen,. " I'm just afraid I'll be like my mom and my sister," she said, cuddling close. "I really like sex."I laughed softly and hugged her lithe body. "I do too, Honey. Especially with you, but that doesn't make us sluts."Pensive, she asked, "When do you think she'll come?" I don't know," I said. "Maybe we have the cold months left, or she may show up tomorrow." I'm not going with her," Morgan declared. "I won't."There was no need to explain to Morgan the vagaries of the justice system, broken and. " I said.It was nice having a class we could chat in, but I took the rest of the time to read for my civics class instead. I had to read those ten pages on the Program. There was some pretty fucked up shit in there, the kind of stuff my Pa would come up with from the looks of it."What'cha reading?" May leaned over and asked."Civics class. It's on the Program." I said."You? Doing homework? You ok A.C.?" she said."I don' wanna look stupid if I get called up. Probably will what with all this." I. I felt the flow but my eyes never left her ass. I felt my eruption would never cease. I felt a kind of dizzy and wanted to grab on to something, but before I could, I fell. I don’t know how long I had passed away, but when my eyes opened, I found Peter, Robin & Jasmine around me worried.“Hey Man!! You got us all worried.” Robin said sighing with a relief.“Yeah” Peter agreed, “What happened?”“Don’t—-know” I stammered,” Looks like I had too much.”“Heeeee haaa heeee” Jasmine laughed easing the.

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