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Instead of the hotel dining room we went to a little restaurant down the street. Both Sue and Becky had ditched their bras and enjoyed the effect it w...s having on me and Ron and every other guy in the place.Back in the room the women decided that they would swap husbands for the night. WE had swapped before but never all night. Ron and Sue went next door while Becky and I had a shower together and then fucked like rabbits until finally falling asleep. I was woken in the morning with Becky going. That is until I discovered a site dedicated to crossdressers. I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing through the site, but they assured security and discretion so I entered my card number. I had only intended to purchase a couple pairs of panties initially, but I had always loved women in stockings and grew hard as I wondered what it would be like to wear them. By the time I entered my credit card information, my order included six pairs of panties in various styles, two pairs of stockings,. " No, I'm glad you know about that sort of thing," Sean said. "Look guys, ask anything you want and look at anything you want. You don't need my permission. I know about location but I would need to hire someone to give me the low-down on the fixed assets."Both men nodded and Walt started his walk around the house. Adam spent his time peering at the neighboring houses, of which there were very few, but which were packed closely together."Not much land," Adam remarked. He was a farm boy. He was. Finally, after a five minute show, she moved away. Then she appeared again, so that only her lips were showing. I then watched as she applied a thick layer of ruby red lipstick to her lips. Then her tongue slowly encircled her lips. By now, my tumescent cock had practically broken through my zipper. And without further ado, I stood up, dropped my trousers and slid my 8-inch cock through the gloryhole. It was well-received. I felt her hot breath around my cock as it went down her throat, then.

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