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Plus I had just filled her pussy, and the other's saw this. But she had a possessed look in her eyes, probably from the weed and booze. "I have to lic... her real quick," I told the other couple, "It's the only way she can finish." "Okay, hurry up, I'll keep watch," said the red headed wife. And with that, she scampered her sexy little freckled ass over to the side of the bathrooms to make sure no one was coming. Her husband just stood there, I assume to watch what was about to happen. My wife. Within the first few minutes atthe clinic Suzette was overpowered, drugged and placed in bondage. Suzettethought that she was going to save the marriage, she didn't realize thatthere were different plans.Of course at first Suzette fought everything, but it was only a matter oftime before Suzette realized the futility of resistance became completelysubmissive and pliable. The next few months were followed with severehypnosis sessions, extensive brainwashing and rigorous training. Suzette. Unless in the right mood". I said, "I'm not going to resist". With that said, she tore off my shirt, pulled down my pants, and I was then down to my boxers. She pulled her shirt off, and said, "First thing your going to do, is take off my bra. Kiss me, then down my neck and body, and then take off my panties". I did as I was told, and my God, her breast's we're fifteen times better than any pornstar's breasts. She looked absolutely beautiful. She was naked, full of lust, and had this sexy vibe. It was hard to forget her piercing eyes, her shock of long red hair, the way she had of taking control. Jack liked that. He needed that sometimes.He began to touch his nipples, absentmindedly at first, then more deliberately. He reached for the pack of cigarettes on his nightstand, and shook out two. Placing them on his nipples, he slowly moved them up and down, back and forth. As he thought about Amy, he began to get hard. He pulled down his shorts and stroked his cock, his head filled with.

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