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We flirted a little bit when I decided to take a more aggressive tack. ”just follow my lead” I said to Rick.“excuse me Miss” I said her taking the stogie out of my mouth noticing for the first time her lower chin and nose piercing. “can you help my friend and I”“sure why not my name is Mimi” she said exhaling a long stream of smoke. “anything for a couple of handsome men”“cool” I said taking a puff of my smoke. “well Mimi my friend Rick here, thinks that all Asian woman shave. He just scratched me and said:- so I can grab you by that hair and step on you, that the world will turn to you,Instead of falling silent, I said:- Well, we'll see about that.The night progressed, most of the guests left, 5-6 boys stayed in the villa.We would sleep there, the next day to fix the villa and go home.I went to the toilet and immediately after me my man came, grabbed me by the hair and said: - I'll tear you apart, womanI told him there were no problems - once he decided to give it a. By the time I finished pumping my load into her ass, all she could do was whimper. Pulling out she uttered her last sound of the night, a sigh, letting me know that she had passed out. In itself that was a good thing because when I headed to the bathroom I discovered she was not nearly as ready as she claimed to be earlier as there was deep red smeared blood on my dick. Inspecting her once I cleaned up I discovered the extent of the damage I had done and although she would recover, some of the. My robe had fallen open, and my cock—hard and erect—was sticking straight upAsha Aunty gave a little laugh and got off me. Quickly, she took off her Sari, blouse bra, and panties and then climbed back into my lap, slowly lowering herself onto my stiff cock. She smiling with pleasure as she filled her pussy with my dick, and I cupped her heavenly ass cheeks in my hands. Her big black eyes looked into mine as she smiled and said, “Mmm… I kind of thought you’d have a big one. It feels really good.

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