The memories of those nights made her blush a bit and she fanned herself with her hand. Biting her lip she stepped outside and went to the pump, drew ...p a bucket of cool water and splashed her face. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she dabbed some of the wetness to her neck and cleavage. With her eyes still closed she smiled with satisfaction, since she had collected a nice supply of sea lettuce, some brown algae and she had even found a spot with belladonna. She knew she had to. He stripped out of his jeans and t-shirt down to his boxers. The dresserwas next to the vanity and he figured she had panties in there if sheleft everything. Sure enough, in the top drawer was a heaven of differentstyles and colors of underwear ranging from thongs to boyshorts topanties. He settled with the blue spankies that he figured went with thecheerleading outfit. They hugged his waist, penis, and butt very tightlysince they were meant for a girl about a foot smaller than him and. As soon as he got the last inch in, she began to shake.Then all at once, she began to orgasm, causing Randy to enter into his own orgasm. Shooting his cum all inside of her pussy. Then they collapsed into each other's arms. Then they heard a noise, Tim was home, Randy rushed to his room, while Jill rushed into their bathroom. When she returned, Tim was standing in the room. As he saw Jill standing there naked, he got turned on.Tim began to undress, revealing his hard 5 incher. As he walked over. Selecting a foundation that matched is skin tone, she went to work. Itwas followed by various eye products, long false lashes, blush, lipstickand mouth liner, along with a touch of shadow under his lower lip tosuggest a pout. He had to watch his face being made over, his maleappearance being expertly disguised. By the time she was done heappeared to be a cute girl."There you go, Stephanie," she said, substituting a feminine version ofhis name. "I'd like to style your hair but there's not.

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