”At the bottom we were almost in the stream but we couldn’t see the track or any other path, but we could see what we quickly realised was a road....Anyone in a car driving passed would be able to see us if they looked.We stood close to the bank hoping that if the guys were on the track above, they wouldn’t be able to see us, and we waited and waited. All the time my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I wanted to be caught and fucked but I also wanted to delay it as much as I could. It was like. (Yeah, he did her in the ass. Gross. I was so disgusted by it, I almost couldn’t cum while watching.)Finally, I saw my opportunity to sneak out of there - Mom wanted to be done doggy-style (double-ew) and soon her face was pressed up against the mattress as Buck pounded her from behind.Neither of them were facing the closet, so I took that opportunity to sneak the fuck out. Unfortunately, Buck caught me - thank god he didn’t say anything, just gave me the biggest, sleaziest wink, and then. As soon as I pulled down my pajama bottoms and got ready to jump into the shower, she saw it. "Looks like you are going to have difficulty getting dressed again this morning."I stopped and froze in place. I stood with my pajamas down around my knees, my cock exposed, open for her inspection. First looking at her and then glancing down at my raging hard-on, I desperately hoped she would."Looks like I'm going to have to once again relieve you," She smiled. "There's no way you are going to fit. Nope. They affect me just as much as they affect regular guys. I often go after the wrong woman. Evelyn being an exemplar of the type of female that every man should avoid. For real. I’m not sure but her callous disregard for others and lack of shame or remorse make me think she might be a sociopath. Weird. I went into the campus bookstore with her, and paid seven dollars with my Royal Bank of Canada debit card in order to buy the purple bus tickets for her. She thanked me, then asked me to go.

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