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Amelia glared at me, eyes darkening. “You’re what’s wrong with me! You almost died!” Then tears welled in her beautiful eyes. “You almost le...t me behind, Mike.”“Never,” I whispered, squeezing her slender hand. Fatigue washed in. I tried to fight it and failed, eyes closing, Amelia’s hand providing comfort.Darkness greeted me when I stirred again. Around me, busy sounds of a hospital - people talking, hurried footsteps, and muted conversations - filtered in through the closed door. Amelia was. My knees buckled, and i felt as if another blow like that would be too much for me to handle."I enjoy the look of pain and desperation in your eyes slut."Mistress began to untie the twine from my sore and swelling balls, and began to stroke my cock again."I want you nice and hard for this bitch."hearing those worlds, and knowing what just happened to me, made me break out in a sweat.Mistress rubbed my cock to a rock hard erection, and then some."There is your precum. It's what I have been. When we finish you release me I dress and you take my hand and we leave, we purchase nothing and when out side the store we both burst into laughter. You lead me to the street café for another coffee, but before we get far, one of the cute sales girls slips a note in your hand. As we are sitting having our coffee you open it and read it out loud. It says ‘I would love to join you two for an evening, call me 555-1212, Mandy’. Looking deep into my eyes with an animal lust I have rarely seen. “Oh, that long, huh? Well, we have to use the time we have,” I added, giving Heather a squeeze.“Of course. Since you’re here, can you pour a touch more balsamic into that hash? I need to add more bacon to this pan for you two, now that you’re up.”“Sure.”“Give them a turn first and then a quick pour, and then another turn.”Heather and I tended to the tubers, equally grateful for the warmth of the fire and the herbed aroma of the breakfast.“So did you change your mind about skiing today?” Melissa.

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