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Behind the door was a large room looking as if it had been decorated by the firm of Tripe and Tasteless. Even though dark, it had obviously been a sun...room and I went to the heavy drapes to see what they covered. I pulled them to the side to see a large window with a balcony behind it. There appeared to be a sump, which surely at one time held water and to the side was the largest crocodile I’d ever seen. This monster was surely fifteen feet in length and at one time must have weighed at least. “Wow, babe; flash that beautiful little pussy at the neighbors like that it’s likely to turn into gangbang night at the Baxter residence.” “On a Monday? I thought Friday was gangbang night.” “Mmm, yeah, usually – but I’m sure they’d make an exception.” As I spoke I stepped in front of her, blocking the view from the street and points beyond, and slid my hand up the inside of her long, smooth thigh until my fingers encountered the warm, humid heat of her sex. As I fondled and touched, parting. Sure I can forgive you. No problem."She stepped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her shirt. She climbed onto the bed and straddled me."So what's the big surprise? I hope it's something good..."My prick was wedged in the crevice between her thighs and her panties. She grinned as she ground against it like a scratching post. I groaned and tried to think, think fast. There had to be a plausible explanation ... but it was hard to think with all the blood was pumping through my prick."Fuck..." I. I had never used this much dirty language with my wife in all the years of our marriage, and this guy was verbally abusing her by the minute.“Mmm, yes, you have such a hot cunt, you big tatted bitch, keep playing with my balls,” he directed her.Suddenly as he was in one of his upward thrusts he pulled my wife down hard on his cock, I thought he would split her into, but no . . .“Of, fuck yes, fill my cunt with your cum, you fucking bastard!” She literally screamed as she was impaled on his cock.

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