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Had three daughters, the oldest being seven, and Gary had a four year old son. Although both boys looked like carbon copies of Joe, Linda loved to tea...e them about being the UPS mans sons. To the best of my knowledge (and over the years I learned a lot) Linda had never been unfaithful to Joe. I always hoped that if she decided to, though, I would be the lucky one. I had pissed at the same urinal trough with Joe many times&hellip, I knew how small his cock was. Verification of that came from my. Much later i knew the true reason. One day morning after bath my underwear was missing. i was furious and was rummaging the draws. I asked if anyone knew it and all including my widowed mother and sister were quiet.I left for school without it. I suspected that my sister was using it. I thought so because she had that wicked smile which i see on her usually during our sibling rivalry moments. So i hid behind the door and true enough she came in to change after school. The moment she dropped her. He slid his hand under her bra squeezing her nipple."Teal please ill do anything if you stop!"For a moment he hesitated thinking. "Anything?"She nodded furiously "I swear anything you want! You name it and ill do it!" How about a blowjob?"Her blush deepened to a deep crimson as her eyes shot to the glass doors revealing kids walking past. They were tinted so nobody could see them but what if someone walked in and caught them. Then she actually thought about what she would be doing. She didn't. " He tried again with his pants but the general slapped them out of his hands. "No time for that private, get in the chopper." So, barearsed and shiny, he saluted and headed out at a trot, his tackle swinging to the grins of the other troops. He paused at the door, hearing his wife yell, and looked back to see two guys 'helping' her, one mauling her breast through the sheet, the others hand sliding down her back towards her arse. He burned with anger, and was torn between doubling back and.

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