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The two dogs moved expertly with me, tongues fully embedded as the tempo of our lurid dance picked up a growing sense of urgency. A delighted squeak ...f passion threatened to escape me, but I bit down on my lower lip, choking back the passionate exclamation. A shudder rippled through the depths of my pussy and my next squeal of delight escaped my lips. Panting in ragged breaths, I thrust my hips backwards in a frantic thrashing motion. “Fuck... YES!” I groaned, gritting my teeth as the. After about an hour, Allie suggested that she not keep him any longer, since it was his night off, and she had to work in the morning. The music was still playing, a slow, seductive tenor sax. Nic decided to take advantage of the moment. ‘Well, you can’t leave yet, because I haven’t forgiven you yet.’ ‘What do you mean, you said I had to buy you a drink?’ She looked at him warily. ‘No, I said you could start by buying me a drink.’ He rose, offered his hand to her, and with that sexy smile said. She started moaning and now she was literally moving to and fro , shaking her waist and massive ass.She literally started fucking his hand while amit latched on to his big beautiful motherly chuchies. With one hand he slapped his mother’s literally by jumping on it and with the other he squeezed his mother’s fat tit. He loved it and his cock shook like an earthquake in his mother’s hands. He sighed,‘O mother, I can’t take it anymore. O sweet and heavenly momma, I need your divine yoni. Why. We chatted as we smoked, and shortly after Lucy finished her cigarette, she started to use her tongue on Jack's cock. The next thing you know she was giving him one hell of a blowjob. Emma then followed Lucy's lead and started doing the same to me. This lasted for about an hour. Not steady oral sex, but smoking, chatting, watching each other, and of course oral sex. I have never been so hard and so aroused for so long in my life. All this time Emma was riding the top of my foot and ankle with.

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