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Me dolían los músculos de todo el cuerpo, hasta los que no sabia que tenia, me dolía la cabeza, los ojos y oídos, de un momento a otro sentí mare... y caí al suelo desmayado."John ¿...bien?" escuche una voz a lo lejos."John ¿estas bien? nuevamente la voz me parecía familiar.Al abrir los ojos veo a Luke bastante asustado, aun mareado logré contestarle que estoy bien, con su ayuda logro ponerme de pie."Menos mal que estas bien, estaba bastante asustado cuando la maquina se cerro" dijo un poco más. I wasn't quite sure what she meant, but looking at the puddle of semen on the floor, it just felt natural to want to taste it. So I bent down and licked a drop. It tasted warm and salty and not at all bad. I lapped up the rest, with Jane urging me on."That's it, you little cum slut. You love it. Drink it all. Don't worry - I'm sure you'll be able to milk more." I climbed to my feet, repairing my outfit."Well, we've had quite a day, haven't we Michelle. I'm sure tomorrow will hold similar. Suddenly I bent down and kissed her.Mom did not draw back but remained passive and stiff in my arms. I continued to kiss her with more and more passion. Suddenly she responded back with equal pressure against my lips. At last I could see a crack in her armor. I pressed my advantage and we continued necking. I was all over her face I kissed her cheeks her eyes her nose and back to her lips. I gently probed her mouth with my tongue and she opened her lips. We necked for a while. Suddenly my. Between bites full of food, he tries to tell her.“Emma, I am sorry I have hurt you this way. Last night I was so afraid you would not return, and I realized how empty my life would be without you in it. The fear that I had done something which you could not forgive, or you had decided I was not worthy of you kept me up most the night with tremors of dread,” Donald meekly tells her.Then the feeling of joy spreading through his whole body as Emma places her hands on each side of his face and.

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