" That is my husband's idea. He wants me to lose and be humiliated. I have to say it is starting to turn me on too," giggled Rita.Ian, secretly, tells...Sarah and Anna the colour of Rita's panties each morning. However the girls decide they will deliberately guess wrong for the first few mornings. At ten minutes to noon on the first Monday of the game, Rita is dictating a letter to Anna. Anna keeps interrupting Rita with comments about how wonderful it is going to be to win and keep Rita's. She knew it had to belong to Rodney, her 16 year old brother. Her other brother, David, was only nine so she ruled him out immediately. She put the tape back in its hiding place and turned on the TV. As she channel-surfed she thought of the tape. Then she wondered. Having never seen a porn tape before she couldn't help being curious. Knowing she would be alone for a couple of hours she decided to find out for herself. She retrieved the tape and popped it in the VCR.Tonisha settled back on the. Amy was crying now and was terrifiedas she watched Nick pull out his penis. “No,” Amybegged, “I’m a virgin.” “I know,” Nick said, “but you won’t be for long.” Nick bunched Amy’s skirt around her waist and put hisdick on the outer lips of he vagina. Amy struggled ashard as she could against Nick’s invasion and beggedhim to stop. “No Nick. Don’t do this to me.” Shepleaded as she felt him push his penis. I threw my arms around him, giving him a warm embrace after the shock of this cold Scottish weather. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and pulled back from him to see a look of shock on his face.''Hi,'' I blushed.''Hello. I wasn't expecting you to hug me like that, Lauren,'' he stammered.''Sorry, I’m just happy to see you. Erm... shall we walk and talk?'' I said, looking around and seeing people looking at us strangely.''Yeah, lets,'' he replied blankly.''Follow me,'' I said sweetly as I took his.

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